2016 Chevrolet Camaro Unveiling

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The fifth generation Camaro was launched in the fall of 2009, just as GM was getting back on its feet after bankruptcy. So the timing for generation six is considerably better. While today's market is much stronger, Link said the fifth generation Camaro "reinvigorated a lot of people who had lost touch with Camaro. " About 63% of those who have bought one since 2010 had not owned a Camaro before. The timing of the new model is crucial. Sales of the new Mustang are running 60% ahead of last year through the first four months of 2015. While Dodge doesn't break out sales of its 707-horsepower Challenger Hellcat, all Challenger sales are up 41% in the same period. Despite the rising media chatter about self-driving cars, hands-on muscle cars are hot. Karl Brauer of Kelley Blue Book, who got a sneak peak of the new Camaro earlier this year, says "the new one looks more like a '69 Camaro than the current one,